Novice wrestler means new wrestler. They have 0 to 2 years of experience. We welcome novice wrestlers! Everyone was once a novice! Open wrestlers have more than 2 years of wrestling. 


Our practices will be differentiated for Beginner (at Falcon Field House), Intermediate (at Falcon Field House), and Advanced (at the LDHS Wrestling Room) wrestlers. Based on need, space, ability, performance (physical, social-emotional), the coaches discretion, and consent of the parents, wrestlers will be invited to move to different groups.  


USA Wrestling has great, short instructional videos for folk style 1, 2, and 3. This is the style of wrestling at LDYW, LDHS, and NCAA. 


Decision − This term signifies winning of a match in 1-7 points.

Major Decision − This is a process of winning a match by 8-14 points.

Pin − The process in which one forces another’s shoulder blades to the mat.

Near Fall − It is a position where one shoulder of the wrestler touches the mat and another is past 45 degree angle, or if both the shoulders are positioned within the 4 inches area of the mat.

Neutral Position − It is the position where both the wrestlers have lost their controls. From this standing position the wrestlers try to takedown each other.

Takedown – This move enables a wrestler to gain control of the other wrestler by shooting in and tackling the opponent to the mat. Single leg or double leg takedowns. This move earns 2 points.

Base − A good wrestling position where the wrestler lays on his hand and knees instead of back or belly.

Breakdown − This move is where a wrestler tries to force another wrestler on the mat upon his stomach or side.

Escape – A wrestler in bottom position breaks control of the top man and enters into neutral position. This move earns 1 point.

Reversal − This is a move in which the wrestler who is underneath of another, gains control over his opponent. This earns 2 points.

Bridge − This is a position when the wrestler prevents his back from touching the mat.

Novice − A wrestler with 1 or 2 years of experience

Bout − A wrestling match.

Action − It is a referee's command to the wrestlers to begin wrestling.

Wrist/Arm Control − Controlling the opponent's wrist/arms.

Sprawl − This is a defensive move where a wrestler scoots his/her feet and legs backward and lands his/her hands and hips on the wrestler who attempted a takedown.

Cradle − An offensive wrestling move where one arm reaches behind and around an opponent’s neck and locks hand in hand with the other arm that is behind the opponent’s knee. 

Half Nelson − An offensive wrestling move where one arm is passed under the opponent’s arm from behind and then the hand is applied to the neck. The design is to turnover and pin the opponent. 



                -A website that lists a large number of tournaments for both novice and open wrestlers.


         -A local training center for year-round training.


                -A great resource for new and seasoned athletes/parents alike to learn about wrestling.

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